What a great week at camp!!:):)

This was my 12th year at Camp Appalachia. I would say that I had a complete blast if I wouldnt have came home with the stomach flu. It was terrible. I came home Wednesday night and my friends came and got me at 6am Friday morning. Thanks Tina and Jen!! I truelly can say that I spent the entire week (other tha when I was sick, sleeping or eating) I spent it sewing! I dont even have very many pictures to share because I was so busy sewing sewing sewing.

Camye and Blake were the only two kids to go with me this year at Camp. Paul is not old enough and went Camp Granny and Chloe went to Camp Concern. Camye and Blake go to Camp Concern for junior week on Sunday. Camye took Clay, Sewing and Cake Decorating. Blake took Rifelry, Archery and Leather Making.

Our sewing class sewed sock monkeys and bible covers. Which I am ashamed to admit I dont even have pictures of them YET!! But since my sweet Camye took the class I can snap pictures of hers. Camye during the shaving creme fight!!

Camye and Bailey (her camp BFF) after the shaving creme was hosed off!!

Me and My great and wonderful and talented friend Tina.

Blake and his Camp BFF..Jason.

I love my camera!!!
I will post pics later of our sewing projects. And I almost !! almost got to start my wool kits I purchased last November! Someday soon…

Our First Family Camping Trip

On the fourth of July, we went on our first ever camping trip!!! I was a little skeptical. I dont really camp. I dont hike, swim in lakes or ride bikes. What would we do??? Well we had a blast and we all hiked, swam in the lake and rode bikes. It was soo relaxing to just sit and visit and relax by the campfire. Camye, hot and sweaty playing on the jungle gym right beside where we had our tent was set up.

Paul running to attack friends with water guns!!

Chloe hanging around Miss Lori while she was cooking.. On there way to Salt Fork….the lake was alot of fun!!! We swam later but no pics to prove..we all got in!!

Paul was so exhausted he fell sleep right in front of our tent….isnt he adorable??

Great friends enjoying the relaxing outdoors.:)

Kenny and Duke building a fire. We had great food breakfast was sausage, blueberry pancakes, bacon, eggs, toast, french toast…..Lunch was a quick bite of a sandwhich or hotdog….Supper was hamburgers, grilled chicken, corn on the cob, baked potatoes (we just threw in the fire to cook) Awesome time!! With Awesome food!!

We enjoyed camping so much. We are planning many more camping trips with friends and without. We are even thinking of camping at Disney next year, because we may be purchasing a camper!!!

Camp~we are officially done for the summer!!

We are officially done with camps this year. I am so relieved. Chloe left on July 12th for Secondary week, she returned on July 18th. Chloe, Blake, Camye and I left on July 19th for another week of camp and returned home on July 25th (our anniversary ❤ !!!) ….then the next day Camye and Blake left for Junior week and just returned on August 1st!!! I am so glad they are home! I was a little worried since we had been at another camp the week before and thought they might be too tired.

Camye had a great time at camp and we were both very glad she had a friend from church going with her. Her and Heather got along great and made some great camp memories!! Camye won 3 ribbons but lost them and was just devastated….the whole sobbing …because we couldnt find them and she didnt know what she won them for. I am calling around today to at least find out what she won. Blake did great !!! When I went to take more clothes to him on Wednesday (couldnt get caught up from the week at camp before)…he played Mr. Cool guy..and greeted me cooley…Camye on the other hand had both arms around my neck and both legs around my waist!! It is such a nice feeling to be missed.
Blake had all his awards and his trophy when I arrived and was beaming!! Blake won 1st place Checkers (highly sought after)(big trophy), 1st place-Frisbee Throw, Soccer and Long Jump 2nd place- Cleanest Cabin and 3rd place-kickball and 100 meters. He also recieved a Camp Concern Athelete 2009. We are very proud of him!!
These pics are of the cabins they stayed in all week, Chloe too. Although her pic is on her camera right now, 4 campers stay in the cabin.

I am very glad that Blake had a great friend Nathan to go with him. They had a great week!!

Camp: Sewing Class

Yes I have blogged about 5 times today..just trying to get it all in.

This was the first year I was the head sewing teacher. I was a bit nervous, but things came together perfectly. This year we made pajama bottoms and Kool-Aid Jammer purses. I had 3 classes but only got pictures of 2 of them. The girls were sweet and we are already planning our next year projects and the advanced sewing class that is definetly in order and maybe even a quilt class for free time.

Many people have no idea what I am talking about when I kool-aid jammer purses..so I took several pics.




Camp: Shaving Creme Fight

Every year since I was 9 years old. This camp seems to think they have to have a shaving creme fight..it is fun to WATCH….USUALLY!!

Chloe waiting for the hose to get the shaving creme off her face…

Camye is pretty fast was managing to escape everyone …for awhile.

Blake kept asking if he could wipe his face on my shirt…being the nice mom I am..I did..

And then..my friend Debra (left) attacked my friend Tina (middle) and that is me …on the right…it was on….and it was actually alot of fun!!

And the kids played havoc on there sewing teacher….LOL!!!

Camp~~~I cant believe its over!!!

For the last 4 years I have been a counsler at the same camp I attended when I was camper for 10 years!! It is soo much fun!

This is Camye and one of my best friends from high school’s daughter!! They really hit it off and were inseperable all week!!

Blake was in an oreo eating concert…who could eat 3 oreos, swallow them and smile for the camera would win!!! And guess what he did!!!

Chloe (in the camper favorite class..CLAY)…she made some great little figures..check out our clay blog coming soon…

Chloe in the mud slide….

Blake in the mud slide…
and of course Camye and I did not do that!!!LOL!!

Sport’s Camp

Well i havent been blogging for a few weeks, we have just been really REALLY busy. We have a few days of calmness until the kids camps start. I am going to play a little catch up the next few days, so here goes.

Blake and Camye went a sports daycamp here in Washington a few weeks ago. They had lots of fun!!!

Camye and her counsler for the week!! She was a very nice and sweet girl that Camye was obviously crazy about.

Blake and his friend Anthony, Blake had such a fun time..he is very competitive and enjoyed the competition all week.

Paul and his buddies playing around on the last day while we watched the kids play their last games.:) He enjoyed looking for roley poleys in the astro grass..LOL!!!

Blake didnt really want to be distracted by the camera during his serious soccer games!!