Sew Much Fun: Spiderman Cape

I havent been able to blog as often as I would like, it seems the speed of summer is sweeping me away. This week is VBS, Kenny and I are in charge of Farmyard Fun and my advanced puppeteers are performing every night. I am not sure why I ever signed up for Puppets, I am a nervous wreck. Kenny’s parents are coming today, we are sooo excited!!! They havent been here in 3 years so we want everything perfect, so lot of unfinished projects getting finished. My grandmother is in the hospital not doing well, so please say a prayer for her. I am so thankful for living closer to my family to be here when needed. is a pic of my latest creation!! Paul found my 15 yards of spiderman material. I bought it probably 8 years ago for a $1 a yard..not sure what I would ever do with it. Paul decided a cape would be a good start!!!

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