Sew Much Fun

My sewing machine has been broken for 2 years. I teach a sewing class at a christian camp each summer. I let the little girls sew on it 2 years ago, and after they were done it would only sew backwards. I love my sewing machine SEW much that I was nervous to just let anyone touch it. It is computerized and it just made me nervous!! So today I got the machines out and cleaned and oiled them myself !!!!! AND guess what..I fixed it!!
The girls were we got out the sewing books and started planning. We also pulled out all my fabric and MAN OH I have a stash????!!!!!
So we started with this book…the girls chose to make little drawstring bags. 

Camye looking adorable…
Chloe was extremely proud of her sewing skills…even after 2 years.
Here they are!!!! Camye was made slightly larger to hold her ballet slippers and Chloe was made to the size the pattern called for to hold her Bath & Body Works.

Stay tuned….Sewing can be very addicting!! And we have several projects planned!:)

2 thoughts on “Sew Much Fun

  1. I can’t wait until my girls are older! I love sewing too! You can help me because I’m a do it your selfer and don’t know anything about patterns or really anything I just do simple stuff. I’ll be watching your blog so I can learn.

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