Sewing along….

Today is day 5 of being in the house SICK, so far I have sewn 3 purses, started a quilt purse (picture to come..not finished yet), planned another quilt, planned all my christmas shopping, listed things on ebay for extra Christmas spending money, read 4 books, helped the girls crochet scarves for Christmas gifts, taught Camye to applique (interesting since I dont even know how myself..LOL), reorganized my sewing room, watched 10 seasons of Little House and the Prairie and mastered Super Mario Brothers for 200th time.

Anyway…here are 3 bags I just finished. I thought they were pretty cute. The pink and black is actually a ballet bag ( cute pink ballet slipper fabric )for Camye, the americana purse is for my mom for Christmas, and the teal and green one..I think I will carry!!! My mom doesnt get on my blog unless I walk her through it so she is banned until after Thanksgiving (when we are celebrating Christmas with my family) from my blog. I also am going to make her an americana table runner.

2 thoughts on “Sewing along….

  1. Oh, 'piggy piggy' got you all. How dreadful. Do take good care, everyone says it is so nasty.Love your creations, someone special is going to be VERY surprised at Tsgiving.Have a warm wonderful weekend. TTFN ~ Marydon

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