Camp: Sewing Class

Yes I have blogged about 5 times today..just trying to get it all in.

This was the first year I was the head sewing teacher. I was a bit nervous, but things came together perfectly. This year we made pajama bottoms and Kool-Aid Jammer purses. I had 3 classes but only got pictures of 2 of them. The girls were sweet and we are already planning our next year projects and the advanced sewing class that is definetly in order and maybe even a quilt class for free time.

Many people have no idea what I am talking about when I kool-aid jammer I took several pics.




2 thoughts on “Camp: Sewing Class

  1. Thanks Mrs. U!! But if you google…you would be shocked at the possibilities with Kool Aid Jammer purses..backpacks..wallets, totes…the ideas are endless.

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