~Fun With Cousins~

My sister in law and kids came to visit last week. We had alot of fun! Having 9 kids has really made doing things without our hubby’s around a little harder but we manage!! They have just moved back from Okinawa, Japan and hadnt met Mia yet. We went to a fun festival at our co-op church host Calvary Baptist. Mia loved jumping on the bouncy!!! A few of the cousins out swinging on our swing in the yard…:) Austin, Amelia, Mia Grace, Elizabeth and Paul.

We went to a water park called Sunset Beach. THey had loads of fun on the water slides.

Mia went down the slide over and over again with her big sister Chloe. I tried it went time and Mia went flying in the air…struggling for her breath…yes I am probably the worst mom in the world. I only did it once.:( I felt terrible…I could barely catch my breath!!

Mia Grace and Amelia had lots of fun playing in the baby pool. I am betting Mia swam while she lived in Korea because she loves …I mean LOVES swimming in the pool or tub!!!

Matching tutus for 2 cuties!!!

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