~Vacation Bible School Fun~

We have such a busy week this week!! My friend Lori and I committed to planning VBS, and then we decided to adopt! Who would have thought the process would have taken 7 weeks from HSTK to get her!! Well it did…so directing VBS with Mia has added a little challenge…but with a challenge this cute, it doesnt matter!!:)

This morning Mia had her foster parents album out and was looking at it. She looks at it everyday! She always kisses her Omma and Appa. She loves looking at her album and showing us how cute she is!

We are so thankful for the fabulous job Mia’s foster family did with her. They have showed her such love that has helped so much with her transition and her outgoing personality!

She is so funny with her albums! My friend thinks she did such a great job with Mia, they want to adopt a baby from the same Korean foster family. If only it worked that way..:)

Above is Mia riding on Caleb’s scooter. She loves Caleb..as all the toddlers do. Last night he ran by her and she yelled Caleb come here!!!

Daddy and Camye girl!!! Having fun at VBS!!

Mia is so precious…she just runs around and plays!! She is a little chatterbox!!!

Paul has been having a blast all week at VBS!!

Mia and Daddy-Appa!!

Me and Mia Grace!!! She was loving her snack last night! She had a Lucky Charm marshmellow in her mouth!

~Summer Fun~

What a great week!! Mia is still doing fabulous. She is bonding with the boys alot more! We had a picnic to invite friends over to meet little Mia. It was great fun! More mommy-omma!!

Mia and her new friend Ellianna!!

Mia loves jumping in mud puddles!!!

Paul loves this chair…he pretends it is turtle shell.

Paul and Mia love piggy back rides…

Mia loves giving kisses…

~Fun Times~

10 days ago today we were blessed to become the parents to this beautiful little girl. Today was a great bonding day with Daddy! They played outside, watered the trees, played with the ‘Kimchee’, what she says when she wants her picture taken and rode bikes. Today was also Mia’s first day to attend church, she did so well. We didnt even have to go out to the nursery. But Mommy sitting in one place for over an hour is probably a dream come true for Mia.

Okay, I think we may have found Mia’s favortie food! She loves corn on the cob!! She devoured hers and then took the rest of her daddy’s!!! Some of you know that I have been concerned she hasnt been drinking alot, well last night she must have decided she was thirsty. She grabbed her daddy’s big cup and started gulping and hasnt stopped since!!!!

She is bonding really well with her oldest sister Chloe, who is very mothering and will make a fantastic mother someday! I Love to hear how many she wants and where she wants to adopt from!

It has been extremely HOT and HUMID here! That doesnt stop Paul from breaking out the fleece sleepers!! He loves his footed sleepers! I hope he always wants to wear them!!

Mia is definetly a part of the family! She fell and skinned her nose after being home 3 days, which as most of you know we are a house full of accidents!! It looked terrible for a few days but was completely healed for church today and our first post placement visit with the social worker, which went extremely well.

Overall, she has adjusted FANTASTICALLY with our family. I have been warned this may not last or this is our honeymoon stage. But I am willing to roll with it, she has been such a blessing and I have never thought God wanted me to something as much as I felt he wanted us to adopt Mia. He will not leave us now. If she decides in a month, she isnt Miss Personality and decides to be shy…that’s fine! How many 2 year olds do that? If sleeping habits get worse, we will make it. She already throws fits, like any other 2 year old. She already makes messes as any other 2 year old. She is a blessing…no matter what happens….as any child is.

Happy Birthday to my little Pauly!!!

My little kindergarten graduation!!! I am so proud of my little guy. He is his dad’s little shadow…from the time he comes home from work until it is bedtime. He follows his dad around everywhere!!! He is so excited to be 6 years old. I cant believe how blessed we are with this incredible little boy.

Please say a little prayer for my little guy, he is having a little anxiety over the upcoming arrival of his new little sister. He is very anxious and doesnt want me to leave his side. He is rather nervous and is more emotional. I love you Paul!!!

Mold me and Make me

Arent my kids beautiful?It is so exciting to know that God has hand chosen our children and given them to us adopted or not. We don’t know what to expect. Chloe, our first born is beautiful, easygoing and fun. God blessed us with her as our first cookie cutter gingerbread child. Blake has been my easiest little blessing. He is so gentle and loving but also the rough tough little boy is all there too. God blessed me with this second little cookie cutter gingerbread child.

Camye is my little mother, so joyful, helpful and beautiful. She has been an easy and 3rd little cookie cutter gingerbread child.

Paul is the baby of our family for now. He is just like his dad and Uncle Nathan, always laughing and joking around with everyone. However he is no our typical cookie cutter gingerbread cookie. I believe God gave us cookie dough and asked us to Mold him and Make him. 🙂

I am so excited to see what God has in store for us with our new little girl. I look at her and think she looks like my mom. I look at her smile and see Paul. I look at her hair and see Chloe. I look at her laughter and see Blake. I look at her run and see Kenny. What will little Mia Grace add to our family? I know it will be lots of joy, tears, frustration, laughter, and playing. I just cant wait to meet her.

Mold me and make me after Thy will, While I am waiting, yielded and still. Have Thine own way, Lord! Have Thine own way!~ I have always loved this song. But I need to ask myself Am I willing to say Mold me, and shape me, and use me, Lord make me …that is my prayer

A Paul Update…

I can not believe with all our injuries Paul has not gotten hurt, as rough and tumble of a kid as he is. But he is not….praise God. The only slight not so much of an injury..was in the midst of the ripped-open-knee/broken nose/missed Ladies retreat was his cap fell off of his tooth..so we did have an emergency run to the dentist….other than he is good. He just keeps saying. I cant believe I am not hurt..its my turn. I say NO IT’S NOT!!!

Anyway…Paul is in Kindergarten this year and thinks he already knows everything. And I will admit he knows alot of stuff. He enjoys showing off his Math skills….all his addition and subtraction. And counting to 100 over and over again…he is my genius kid!!

His first year at co-op is an adjustment..he prefers to lay on the floor and take a rest most times when I pass thru. Fortunalty or unforthantley….his teachers know Paul..and quickly correct him and he moves on. He seems to forget that he is in a classroom setting.

He is taking:
Phonics Fun

Paul is known for his wonderful sayings that I have no idea where they come from…here are a few…
1. He walks into the kitchen the other day while I was mopping the floor and says, “This isnt even our home.” I said, “What?”. He said, “This world …its not our own…we are just apassin by. Up there is our home.”

2. Mommy, apparently the reason I am so bad all the time is because YOU never tell me all the right stuff to do.

Yes he said apparently…he uses huge words all the time. What a smarty….

10th Year of Homeschooling

Yes can you believe it? I have started our 10th year of homeschooling.

Chloe is in the 9th grade. She is taking Apologia Biology, Teaching Textbooks Algebra 1, Notgrass History, Rosetta Stone SPanish, at co-op she is taking English, What happened to Penny Candy? (Econmics), Biology Lab and a Teen Bible Class. She is playing on a homeschool high school soccer team and hopes to run track on a homeschool team in the Spring.

Blake is in 6th grade. He is taking Teaching Textbook 6th grade, My Fathers World HIstory and Geography, Anatomy, Literature, , Daily Grams, Easy Grammar, Cursive Writing, at co-op he is taking Natural Disasters, Revolutionary Way, Literature and a gym class. He is playing on a middle school homeschool team and hopes to run track on a homeschool team in the spring as well.

Camye is in 4th grade. She is taking Teaching Textbooks 4th grade, My Fathers World HIstory and Geography, Anatomy, Easy Grammar, Daily Grams, Cursive Writing, at co-op she is taking Literature, Natural Disasters, gym and Geology. Camye is taking ballet, freestyle and jazz dance. She loves it. And looks forward tobeing old enough to play on the homeschool Hornets soccer team next year.

Paul is a kindergartner. He used to love school before he had to do it. Now he is really bored with it. He knows his letters, sounds, numbers, adding, subtracting. He knows how to cut, glue, staple, color about everything.!! He just needs to sit down long enough to do some major work. But at this point he is ahead of the game so I am not worried about it. He does about an hour of sit down work every day. He is loving co-op. OTher than when told the other day if he did his homework he would get a sticker next, he told his teacher….ahhh thats okay I dont like stickers very much anyway. He is looking forward to spring. We are going to allow him to play soccer!!! This is going to be fun to watch!!