~Top Rules For My Christian Life~

We’ve all got rules that we live by. Consciously or not. Some of them empower us and some restrict us to a life that we don’t really want or enjoy. I always get asked about my beliefs; the ‘life rules’ which I do my best to live by. I say “do my best”, because I fail…fail miserably… to live up to them on a regular basis and am a work in progress.

Here’s some of my ‘Life Rules’:

1. Trust and Follow God. Sounds easy and of course this is everyone’s first rule of life right. But I mean do it. Trust HIM. Follow HIM to unimaginable places. HE will rock you to your core.

2. When everyone throws in the towel…dive in harder. Do what everyone else is tired of. It will motivate you and then others.

3. Finish whatever you start. Everyone is great at starting things but few are great at finishing.

4. Avoid energy suckers. This explains itself…

5. Make the tough decisions. Most people would rather someone or something else make the tough decision for them. Success is a choice.

6. Change what you can and don’t worry about what you can’t.

7. Don’t be a critic. You’ve got enough of your own issues and weaknesses to work on. People who constantly criticize others are typically insecure. Avoid that like the plague.

8. Don’t make excuses, make plans. Stop talking about it. Start creating it.

9. Invest into others in a practical way. Be generous with your time, your knowledge, your skills, your money and your love. The best return on investment has nothing to do with money.

10. Don’t base your expectations for your future, on your past. Too many people are hostages to their sinful past, so they simply create a sinful future. Ask for forgiveness and MOVE on.

11. Get uncomfortable on a regular basis. Take risks. Physically, emotionally and psychologically.‘Safe’ is boring and unrewarding. ‘Safe’ will not get us to heaven.

12. Don’t spend your life waiting for the ‘right time’. It is always the right time. If you’re breathing, it’s the right time.

13. Live, laugh, learn and love. While many walk around with the world on their shoulders, choose to be different. Choose to live. Choose laughter. Choose learning. Choose LOVE. Choose to be that person.

There’s no right or wrong with this stuff because we all need to find our own truth and we all need to choose how we live our life.

We must choose to be that person….that is not lukewarm. Be HOT…..Go for it. Be what God created….Be his image.

Lads to Leaders Nashville Convention 2011 Part 2

Lads to Leaders is the one of the best things I have ever done for my kids. I was never involved with church or wanting to bible studies when I was younger. My kids beg to practice their speeches/devos, beg to practice leading a song (which I cant do correctly), repeat our puppet script over and over and over and over again….which included Adam and Eve, Daniel and the Lions Den and Pharoah and the plagues. They know what the serpent said to Eve..word for word..they know Daniel’s prayer while in the den…word for word and the know all the plagues in order and what finally convinced Pharoah to release God’s people. They practice and practice their books of the bible. They are writing papers already for next on Will Work Till Jesus Comes. They become close with their christian friends. They memorize scripture. They cant wait to get to church.

While we were there, we heard a statistic, less than 25% percent of kids stay in the church yet 85% of kids involved in Lads to Leaders stay in the church and are active members. Chloe and Daddy…she cant possibly not ham it up for one photo!!

Love these kids!! They are 15 months apart but I call them my twins.

Blake holding his finalist trophy for Speech. He was in the top 6 for Boys Speech yet again, out of 24 boys!! He says HE WILL PLACE NEXT YEAR IN THE TOP THREE!!! I have no doubt he will!

Things got a little crazy in the food room….poor Chloe! Levi and Paul attacked!!

Just a picture of our Green Group. There were over 6,000 christians there this weekend. What an awesome experience!!! And that was just at Nashville! I havent heard how many met this weekend in Dallas, Memphis, Indianaopolis, Orlando and I think their are a few other sites!!

Lads to Leaders Nashville Convention 2011

This our group that went. We grow a little every year!:)
Chloe waiting for awards…:)

Paul recieving his first ever award! He worked toward and recieved a Bronze in Good Samaritan.

Paul and his best buddy Levi! Both Bronze winners!

Cydnie, Chloe and Adam waiting for the action to begin!:)

Little Camye waiting patiently after Songs of Praise..even if she didnt place she did a fantastic job leading her song.:)

Chloe, Camye and myself waiting….the judges were deliberating!

Chloe overly excited for Saturday night award ceremony.:)

Blake recieving 2nd place scrapbooking!!!

Chloe recieving 1st place Scrapbooking. She will now be in Winners Circle Scrapbook until she graduates high school, which is only 3 years away…can I say *tear*?

Camye was already in the scrapbooking winners circle this year. She recieved 3rd place Winners circle which was against 4th-6th graders. She is only 4th grade.

Paul onstage and loving it!!

We had a great year! We had 2 puppet team this year and didnt win. I am in charge and feel we should have since our script rocked. This is my blog and I will say what I want. But I feel like their are ‘puppet politics’ going on in Nashville!! Maybe next year…>!!!!!!!