Could it get any worse?

I will not ever say that again.




But we all know when the going gets tough.. The tough must Let Go and Let God.

Just when I thought this wait couldn’t get harder. Just when I thought I couldn’t hang on any longer.

God showed just how much I could handle. And I am sure I could handle more… So no need to test me… Please.

I got it… He is in control. I am not.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.- Proverbs 3:5-6



Large Family Homeschooling Organization- Part 2 Meal Planning


This is the most helpful thing I could to help with my Large Family. I just wrote up a menu plan from August 21- November 30th. I keep all my recipes on my pinterest board FOOD FUN or Gluten/Soy/Dairy/Egg free….is that even possible? I do print some of my recipes to keep in our family binder but typically just bring up my pinterest boards and fix the recipe from that. I even planned nights we needed to eat because of soccer games.

First thing on my mind when I wake up is what will I feed these kiddos for supper….this takes the load off immediately.

Pro-life really?

Middle of the night ramblings from my iPhone.
So please excuse the typos…
Most of you know I am as Pro-life as the next conservative. I do not believe in abortion. I believe there are other choices. However.. A sin is a sin. And all sin is forgiven. This is not where I am going with this
I see so many of my friends complaining about our politicians decisions on abortion yet I see no ACTION. I see lots of complaining, posting and even picketing at abortion mills. It’s a free country and I know picketing has its purpose. I am not anti-picketing.
However before you post on Facebook or Twitter how pro-life you are; lets evaluate just how pro-life you are.
What are you doing to stop abortions?
Think about this.
If a child is not aborted… But given up by their birth mother then this child is an orphan.
Hello have you noticed the orphan crisis in this world?
How many birth mothers who can not support their child .. Are we supporting? Helping? Encouraging? Being there when they suffer the pain and loss.
Pro-lifers…including myself are awesome at flashing that we are against abortion.
But when we stand in line on judgement day… God will not say how many times did you complain about abortion on your Facebook? Twitter? How many signs did you make for picketing at the local abortion mill? Or even how many signs did you shake at devastated moms make a devastating decision?
What does God command? Love others.
How many birth moms have we thrown baby showers for that have decided to not abort there babies? …Who probably have lost friends and family because they chose life?
 How many moms have we hugged because there hearts are broken because they did abort there unborn? Yes they are still people with hearts and souls.
How many not aborted children have we adopted? Fostered? Hosted? Sponsored? Visited? Ministered to?
Please quit facebooking and tweeting your complaints and DO something!! 
God wants action.
Here is an article that inspired this rant…