God’s Awesome Plans

God has been revealing his plan to me in so many ways lately. I find it incredibly awesome each time.

I could seriously write and write on the many ways God has revealed himself to our family lately…but I will simply point out an awesome story.

November 5, 2008, our daughter was born. Kenny and I were not in place to adopt. We were not in a good place at all. God had a plan for us and for Mia.

A NEW friend I just met on an adoption forum, had revealed to me that she had reviewed our little girls file when she was 10 months old. She had 2 reports on our little one from 2 different IAP’s…one was very optimistic and one being very pessimistic. The pessimistic doctor said that they didnt believe she would ever be able to walk. With a saddened heart, they felt they couldnt accept this little girl. This family felt God wanted them to be praying for our little girl and they did. We thank this family for praying for our little Mia until we could get our lives back on God’s plan and get to her.

We recieved her reports and videos. Guess what…oh can she walk..talk..dance..sing..run…jump and play!!! She is full of laughter and charm.

As of December, she was only slightly delayed on a few different skills. Since we have pursued our little Mia, she has completely caught up and is no longer delayed at all.

I believe God has been saving her for our family. He knew she was our daughter and we would eventually get on the track of her adoption.

I am so thankful for my NEW FRIEND for opening up to me and sharing this part of Mia’s story, that God wanted us to know.

We named our precious new daughter, Mia Grace, Mia after hearing the way her first name was pronounced in Korean and Grace because it is by God’s Amazing and Saving Grace that we were able to get our lives right with him and onto the process of finding another great blessing of a child.

But it is great honor knowing, that the first mother to pray for her was also named Grace.

Thanksgiving Thursday!!

Thankfulness….Oh wow.!! I am so blessed!!
I am so thankful for all the new little things I have learned of our new little girl!!

~Her newly cut bangs.
~Her pig tails that touch her shoulders.
~Her new name that we arent announcing just yet. We finally decided.
~Her teeny tininess!!
~All 7 new pictures.
~Her absolute cuteness.

Soap Box….

Okay its my blog/soapbox..so if you dont like what I write…I guess you dont read it, right?

Here it is…

I think every family should adopt. I do.
Money isnt a problem…its an excuse.
Time isnt an issue..its an excuse.
Too old isnt an issue….its an excuse.

If you may be using one of these excuses… I wish you would reconsider.

My heart right now is being pulled towards to Korea.

Right now I know of three 13 year old kids..2 girls and 1 boy in China. They will age out of the orphanage this year. Guess will they go…the streets. They already have an X on them because of being orphans in an Asian country, they probably have a minor disability so there is another X. Would Jesus turn his back on them?

In Korea, there are many little ones on the Waiting Child list that are in foster homes. But guess how long good foster homes last in Korea…about 3-4 years. At that age..not only do they lose a loving family, they go to an institution. Yes, an orphanage for the rest of their lives!!!!! Think of the difference you could make on just one little orphan in this world.

I am so tired of hearing people complain about not having kids or sad because they can only have 1 or 2 kids. THERE could be a reason. Your child could have been born already and be waiting for you anywhere..here in the US, China, Korea, India, Africa…anywhere….pray about it.

You may think you dont have time, or the interest, or your desire isnt there.

BUT do you think Jesus had the time or the interest or the desire to bear a cross on his back….and then to be nailed to it for our sins. To where a crown of thorns..to sweat blood..for a bunch of ungrateful people.
NO!! BUT Jesus did…it wasnt convenienet or what he was hoping to do that day.

Jesus said in Matthew 19:14, to let the little children come to him. Are you saying that?
Jesus said in John 14:18, I will not leave you as orphans, I will come to you. Are you coming?

Okay stepping down off my blogbox….:)

Home Study!!!!

Our home study was last night…I was a nervous wreck. We cleaned and cleaned. I was nervous. The kids were nervous. Kenny was fine…:)

It went soooo smoothly. Our social worker was very sweet. She asked us questions about ourselves, our families and each other. She looked around the house. And she interviewed the kids…who thought that was pretty cool.

It couldnt have gone any smoother if I could have planned it myself. We are thrilled.

She did give us one unexpected bit of information. She asked us if we realized that Korean adoption was rather quick. We told her we did, that we had read that it was 6-9 months wait after referral. She said she had just finished 3 Korean adoptions and each of them had taken…are you ready for this.


Okay 4 months..I can handle that. I want her to come home in 4 months.I need to digest this. I know that it may not be that quick. But I am a planner and want to start preparing. But we do know that our daughter has been born and we need her to come home…as quick as possible.

A BIG Announcement….

Well I havent put this on Facebook yet…and I know just a few select friends and familes read this blog. But here is our annoucement

**************************WE ARE ADOPTING************************************

Yes it is true!! Our homestudy is finished and we are now about to start reviewing a few children’s files. Our hearts are being pulled toward a Waiting Child from South Korea. But we will see what the Lord has in store for us. We do plan to adopt toddler that is waiting to be adopted.

We do have some pictures of the little ones we are about to review and we are sooooo excited! But of course I can not release pictures without saying yes!! But I will ASAP!!!

Some answers to some humerous questions I have been asked so far:

******Will you homeschool this one? Yes, Yes I will.
******Are you RICH? No and it isnt really that expensive Have YOU checked into all your options?…will blog on that later.
******Are you crazy? You already have 4 kids. Yes, Yes I am.
****** What about Paul? he wont be your baby? Paul was jumping for joy when he found out there would be a smaller person in the house than him.
******What does Kenny think? Kenny is the reason I am writing this paritcular blog at this time because Kenny couldnt wait to make the announcement and announced a ALL GUYS church card party at a good friend of mine’s house. And i felt I must make the announcement to my friends.:) So is Kenny excited?!! Yes, Yes he is.:)
I think these questions are rather humerous.