~Gotcha Day~

Waiting at the Starbucks, close to SWS….getting very nervous! Our shoes lined up outside the SWS playroom…

Mia loves her toys! She said Bye, she was going to her house, while we were filling out paperwork!

Mia’s forever parents and foster parents.

In the cab ..having a good time.

Getting a kiss from Daddy, as she is warming up to him.

Unloading at our hotel…

Gotcha Day will be forever known as June 2nd, 2011 for Mia Grace Heimee. She came to us a little tearful but we had to wait for a cab outside of SWS, because someone grabbed our cab just as we were coming out. THey called us another…This happened to be the craziest cab ride I had EVER taken..we were flying and honking and zipping thru traffic like crazy! I dont know if they told him to get out of there quick. But Mia loved it!! We laughed and played all the way here and went straight to our hotel room. She skyped with her brothers and sisters and a few friends. She was doing so great, I was really impressed. And then naptime came, and the grieving began. It took 45 minutes for her to take a nap and then she napped for an hour and a half. When she woke up, she was really grieving for her “Omma”. We then walked around Seoul for 3 hours, her in the carrier with me when she was happy and as soon as she would start to get upset she would want Kenny. I am trying to figure that one out, my only guess is when she is happy she doesnt feel like she is betraying her Omma with me but when she is sad she does feel that way and wants her Daddy. As soon as he reassures her, she jumps back to me. This is going to be very interesting to see HOW this unfolds.

The foster parents sent us with bags and bags full of her clothes, food, drinks, winter coat, shoes, gifts for us and for the kids. I will try and take pictures of it all when we get home. Mia wasnt doing well seeing her stuff so we had to cover it all, she was just trying to hold everything and sob. It just breaks my heart.

It is 8am here, she has been asleep since 8pm. She has cried out for Omma a few times, but I feel blessed she has been able to sleep so well. Praying the sleep will help her have a great day!

She is potty trained which we werent expecting. In the midst of her grieving, she still was asking to get on the potty! I was so proud of her. She is so smart.

She is so tiny! All the 18-24months I brought just fall off of her! I should have brought 12 or 18 months. My vote is 12months at this point.

I have been very emotional since we got her. My emotions remind me of how I felt when I had each one of my biological kids(dont be scared..not that bad). Thank you for all your prayers, comments on facebook, private messages and words of encouragement. This has been such a awesome and life changing experience and hearing from you throughout this week has been such a blessing.

7 thoughts on “~Gotcha Day~

  1. I've been anticipating getting to read this post!! How exciting! And, though my heart breaks for her and her grief – you will get through it. She will get through it. I always try to remember that God does not let one tear we cry go wasted.

  2. I have been watching all day for the update. Praise God for all he has done and will do. I will continue to pray for transition and safe travels. She looks so happy in the picture. I can't believe the day was finally here!!!

  3. I have been dying to see this post! (Says this cheerleader you have who you probably don't even know about! ha!) Praying for you…SO excited for you! Can't wait to see it all unfold and watch Mia fit right into your family. She's beautiful.

  4. Wonderful to hear how things are going. I can only imagine how hard it must be to watch her grieving. Keep those eyes on the future, and like Tracie said…God collects all our tears. I look at your pictures and just have goosebumps to think we will be walking the same places in the next couple of weeks. There will be four pairs of shoes from our family set up outside the play room. At times it feels like a dream, and I have to pinch myself.On the 'light' side of things…I'M SO EXCITED THERE IS A STARBUCKS NEAR SWS! From what I read….a Dunkin Donuts too! :)Can't wait to hear about your trip back. Praying as I type, and looking foward to reading about the family reunion soon to take place!

  5. I'm so excited that she is forever in your arms. 🙂 I know she is grieving now, but she will soon bond and move past her grief. I am praying for you all and your first days together, as well as your trip home. 🙂 God has given you a blessing and her a family! Congratulations!!!

  6. Wendi, I have been following your journey through your blog and facebook and every post brings tears to my eyes. I am so excited for you and your family! Mia is such a blessing! She is lucky to have you and you are lucky to have her. I can't wait to continue reading about all of you!

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