Fan or Follower…

I know you might say that I am hormonal…or grump..or stressed…or overwhelmed. But I dont think that is it.

I am sad.

I am saddened by this world.

I cry.

I cry because people dont realize what is happening, or is that they do know what is happening but arent doing enough?

I cry… Where is the church?? Where are we? We want to add on gymnasiums and have outlandish social activities … For what??? How is this glorifying God?
Are we fans of Jesus or followers? This is the bible study we are doing on Sunday morning at our congregation. I pray that I am a follower. I want to fight this fight with my entire being.

Thats where I feel I am…I am not doing enough.

Did you go to sleep warm tonight? With more than 10 blankets in your house? Warm pajamas? Full stomachs? Watched your big screen before you fell asleep? Downloaded your kids pictures onto your laptop before falling into blissful sleep because you know your choices for breakfast are aplenty? Guilty times 10 here……

I hate Disney World. There I said it..does it hurt your feelings? I am sorry Mickey Mouse. No not really. I hate it. Will I probably go there? I dont know because I am a selfish American and thats the place to be, right. IF you dont take your kids there you arent giving them what every American child DESERVES and has THE RIGHT too. Forget about those North Korean children who are fighting over the kernel of corn out of the cow pattie over there.

I would rather be holding my friend Amanda’s little boy who was beat into a coma by his birth father. tell him i am sorry some office worker deemed him ready to care for him. i want to hold these children and look into their eyes and tell them how sorry I am that millions of dollars go to support Gay marriage or to purchase Iphones (yes I said it..and I have an Ipad and Ipod) GUILTY…

I keep thinking…we will or should be ‘done’I am tired. My laundry is …excuse me…has EXPLODED. we may have to add on again…OH but wait..have you seen the pictures of the orphanges…where there are 100’s of babies in one room…with only a few caretakers….!!! I think not….

Stepping off my soapbox…dont worry I will be back.

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