Online Fundraising for your Adoption

Since I have been in the adoption world since 2010…not long…but I have seen so many fundraisers come across my Facebook newsfeed that could be so much better! I do not want to step on anyone’s toes. But I want to help….
This is my advice on having online fundraisers. Ignore if you want.
Online Auctions:
-Offer incentive. Such as for sharing your auction with others, give them a chance on some sort of giveaway. Examples: an iPad mini, an iPad, a camera, kindle fire..whatever. Plan to take this out of your earnings. Just having people share this is HUGE in the amount of money you will make.
-Offer items people WANT or NEED. At a price they afford!! start prices low. every time a person bids, all their friends can see it. you aren’t giving it away. you are simply getting more exposure with low prices. Example: A 31 bag… starting bid $6… i bet 10 friends would bid $1… easily. Start a little friendly competition. Price easily exceeds what you were hoping. However, starting bid $25 …2-3 friends may start bidding. Lose the exposure and the friendly competition. I can NOT express the importance of this above. I have helped many people with their auctions. This is the number one thing I see causing so many failed auctions.

Offer services. Not the ‘junk’ you did not sell at a garage sale. We all have friends that are direct sale reps for something. Have a party. Get the free stuff you earn and auction it off. My wonderful friend Rebekah had a Premier Jewerly party and gave me ALL of her free jewerly. It made over a $1,000 and because of some other fabulous donors; we made close to $4,000.

-Offer chances on your giveaway for every single bid. Increments of $1. Don’t believe..check out this auction….!/BringingHomeOurChinaCuties
-Post photos of the children you are adopting.
Puzzle Fundraisers
Okay this is an awesome one. Have a puzzle made of your child you are adopting. The person purchasing the puzzle piece gets there name on the back of the puzzle piece. A 250 puzzle piece at $20 a piece would let you earn over $5,000!!! Yes $5,000!!!!


-offer a large incentive.
-offer a small incentive
-offer both
I have seen so many cute ideas with these puzzle fundraisers.
1.On Mother’s day, purchase a puzzle piece in your mother’s name or a grandmothers’s name.
2. Purchase a puzzle piece in memory of someone.
3. When putting the puzzle together, put the pieces of your child’s face on LAST so you can the progress of the puzzle. Post actual photos of the progress of your puzzle.
Know Your Friends
This is hard for me to type. But you will see who your true friends are. BUT be a friend. Bid on others auctions. Buy chances. Donate. Whatever….
Again, treat others as you want to be treated.