Two Countries One Heart…

I loved seeing this in our church bulletin! I have received some discouragement from others about adoption. However the encouragement I have received from my real friends far outweigh that. it doesn’t matter what other says. It matters that our children come home.

It matters if they have hope knowing they are home and can thrive or hope that their family is coming.

I received this bumper sticker on the morning of Mia’s finalization day. An old friend who married a Korean man, thought of me ad sent this.

This is so true. My heart is in Korea and America. My heart is in orphanage sleeping right now. She will wake up In a few hours and eat breakfast. She will bundle up to go outside with her friends and hop onto her bus and head to preschool. I imagine she sits with this beautiful little girl named Coralie. Coralie is a special little girl whose parents are coming to get her in a few weeks. I imagine my little ‘heart’ sitting by her friend and looking at with large eyes, listening intently of all the new adventures she is about go on. I know Cora is thrilled to be moving to America and have two big brothers. I am sure Cora is glowing!!! I am sure she talks about getting on a plane with her Omma and Appa. She is excited and nervous yet keeps talking to remind herself of the wonderful moments up ahead. I am sure my ‘little heart’ is thinking, Wow Cora sure is lucky! She has been receiving gifts, candy and pictures from a real family. A family that wants her, the only family ,my little heart has known like that wasn’t able to keep her as they were only her foster family. I’m sure sweet Cora says to her your family will probably come soon. I pray she believes her.

My prayer is Please God wrap your arms around my little heart in Seoul, Korea and whisper into her ear, “Mama is coming.. She is trying everything she can to get their as fast as she can.” Please Lord give her hope of her family coming.
It is a proven fact that orphans who know they have a family, even if it takes awhile, start improving in so many ways! I believe it and if you have met Mia Grace and seen her file. You would believe that too.

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