Thanksgiving Thursday!!!!!

1. I am thankful for the people who read my Thanksgiving Thursday who never corrected me by telling me that I was calling it, Thankful Thursday!!!!!LOL!! I just realized it, I think I have done it like 3-4 times!!! :):):) LOL!!!!!!

2. I am thankful Little Blessings Dressing Resale. It is twice a year and I volunteer so that I can shop a day earlier. I bought some really great things. The clothes were mostly for Camye and they are just what she needs.
3. I am thankful for my mother, who is such a wonderful person.
4. I am thankful for our outlet mall. The Gymboree outlet has the best $2.99 clearance, everytime I go in there!!!
5.  I am thankful for my collection of cookbooks. I love reading my cookbooks!!!
6. I am thankful for our new DVR, I can tape Jon and Kate plus 8 and 18 Kids and counting for the kids, because it is on after their bedtimes. They really enjoy those shows.
7.  I am thankful for water, my favortie drink.
8. I am thankful for my breadmaker.
9. I am thankful for other mothers, who plan activites for my kids to participate in. Carol for the science fair, Gayle- for the trip to the play yesterday, Stacey- for the Internation Fair, Robin- for our co-op..the list goes on and on…
10. I am thankful for books. I love them!!!!!!

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