Monday Musings…

I feel like blogging some anxiety issues out…I am such a planner, organizer and a list maker. I have 3 calenders plus my blackberry that I keep everything planned out on.

I pretty much have my holiday baking, shopping, decorating and wrapping down to a fine art. This year things are different. We are celebrating Christmas with my parents, brothers, grandparents on Thanksgiving and we are leaving for Texas on the 18Th of December and will not return until the 3rd of January. We are going to celebrate Christmas and New Years with Kennys parents, sister and her 4 kiddos and his brother and his wife and little girl…

Soo….my plans are off. Decorating is out..and I have to say I am not THAT disappointed.

This year my grandparents and brother gave me ALL their money to shop for my family from them, because NONE of them shop. Sooooo…I have spent the last week shopping and mostly dropping since I had the worst cold of my lifetime!! But there went alot of my ideas as well.

So here are my plans:
Baking for Thanksgiving must be complete by Monday November 23rd.
Wrapping must be done by Monday November 23rd.
Everyone packed and down to my parents on Monday November 23rd.

Come home on Thanksgiving the 26th, head to the outlet mall at 10pm finish shopping there …head to Toys R Us by midnight to start shopping from “Santa”. My plans are outlet mall, Toys R Us, Walmart, Joann Fabrics, Kohls, and Target. And a lot of Starbucks in between. I would LOVE to finish all that shopping on Black Friday. I think if I stay organized and can function….shop all night and all the next day. I can finish it!!

After Thanksgiving goals:
Christmas Baking done by December 18th and frozen
Christmas Shopping done by December 1st
Wrapped by December 15th.
Van packed.
Texas bound!!

Not too bad….sorry if I totally bored you!!! I feel better now that I have blogged out my frustrations.

6 thoughts on “Monday Musings…

  1. Okay, so I'm going to try again! LOL Wendi, that sounds torturous!!!!!! Why not have someone else do the baking for you such as a bakery that bakes from scratch!????

  2. Lynne!! You are back!! I can not NOT do the baking!! If I am not decorating and I do not bake…then it would not be Christmas!!!! Baking is my ALL TIME favorite thing to do right before the holidays!!! It has become a tradition that we bake ALOT of different cookies and candies and pass them out to the neighbors!!!But I am so glad you are back to reading my blog!!!:):) Give me a call!!

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