10th Year of Homeschooling

Yes can you believe it? I have started our 10th year of homeschooling.

Chloe is in the 9th grade. She is taking Apologia Biology, Teaching Textbooks Algebra 1, Notgrass History, Rosetta Stone SPanish, at co-op she is taking English, What happened to Penny Candy? (Econmics), Biology Lab and a Teen Bible Class. She is playing on a homeschool high school soccer team and hopes to run track on a homeschool team in the Spring.

Blake is in 6th grade. He is taking Teaching Textbook 6th grade, My Fathers World HIstory and Geography, Anatomy, Literature, , Daily Grams, Easy Grammar, Cursive Writing, at co-op he is taking Natural Disasters, Revolutionary Way, Literature and a gym class. He is playing on a middle school homeschool team and hopes to run track on a homeschool team in the spring as well.

Camye is in 4th grade. She is taking Teaching Textbooks 4th grade, My Fathers World HIstory and Geography, Anatomy, Easy Grammar, Daily Grams, Cursive Writing, at co-op she is taking Literature, Natural Disasters, gym and Geology. Camye is taking ballet, freestyle and jazz dance. She loves it. And looks forward tobeing old enough to play on the homeschool Hornets soccer team next year.

Paul is a kindergartner. He used to love school before he had to do it. Now he is really bored with it. He knows his letters, sounds, numbers, adding, subtracting. He knows how to cut, glue, staple, color about everything.!! He just needs to sit down long enough to do some major work. But at this point he is ahead of the game so I am not worried about it. He does about an hour of sit down work every day. He is loving co-op. OTher than when told the other day if he did his homework he would get a sticker next, he told his teacher….ahhh thats okay I dont like stickers very much anyway. He is looking forward to spring. We are going to allow him to play soccer!!! This is going to be fun to watch!!

2 thoughts on “10th Year of Homeschooling

  1. "I don't like stickers anyway"… lol… that is so what my son would have said too at that age. I still struggle with him to do sit down work and he's in 4th grade now. He's just not a sit down type of learner.

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