Fun at the Park..:)

The entire Rogers Family are officially Roller Coaster riders!!! I didnt think it was going to happen. But Paul and Camye surprised us all by wanting to ride the roller coasters and were actually sad they werent tall enough for some!!

We all went to Kennywood earlier this month with new friends that just moved here from Florida and another family from our church. Our families mesh very easily!! We all had such an awesome time!

Paul and Camye on the elephants!!

I kow I can not believe I put this picture of myself on here. But I thought it was too hilarious to pass up!! Thank goodness for that water proof camera. Kenny took it on all the water rides and this is once when my friend Sandra and I were hit by a waterfall!! Yes we look like we are enjoying ourselves a tad…ya think???

Camye and her new friend Emelia!!

Paul right after the waterfall…He is just the most adorable baby!!!

Blake on Raging Rapids….he had a great time with his friend Jacob, who totally encouraged him to ride his first roller coaster as well!!

For some reason..Camye thought it was HILARIOUS that me and Miss Sandra were getting drenched.

Soaking wet and still beautiful!! We invited another family from church too so that Chloe would have someone to ride with…I didnt get any good shots of them together. But that is Chloes friend Kianna right behind her..:):)

Paul riding his “Bengal Tiger”…Paul has loved he refers to them since he was barely a year old.

Paul and his little friend Elaina…are just hilarious together!!! I mean hilarious. They walked in our church the other day and were waving hysterically at one another…unfortunatley we were in the fourth pew from the front!!! They do play great together!!

4 thoughts on “Fun at the Park..:)

  1. Looks like a great day! We went to Holiday World earlier this summer and cannot wait to go again next June! That is so cute about Paul and the bengal tigers. Hannah has LOVED white tigers since she was VERY small… too bad that Webkinz doesn't make one! She has a small stuffed one that she's had for years and we also have a backup (same thing) because she used to sleep with one and would fall apart if it couldn't be found. She still loves to look at the ones at the Nashville Zoo when we go.

  2. Thats funny!!! Paul has some little figures of Bengal Tigers. When he was like 2 he would Camye Bengal…in a loving way.??? Strange..LOL!! But cute:)

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