Trip to the Good Zoo

The kids and I went on an awesome field trip with our homeschool 4H club to the Olgebay Good Zoo. It was for Blakes Herpetology class but all the kids go to enjoy the field trip. I sometimes cant believe what Chloe does for a good photo-op!!!

Paul was so interested in this class, he did drop a snake on the floor one time because he was so nervous!!

Camye loves to play at the Imagine Vet Hospital. She loves to take care of animals.

Nathan Barkey, Paul and his fave webkinz Chocolate Bar and Blake watching the snakes and teachers!!

Amelia, Ashlee and Camye.

Blake was having a blast with his friends!!

Paul posing in front of the lillies..I need to get down a little earlier next year because they were all about gone.!!!

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