The Ultimate Amish/Homeschool Experience

We just got back from a fabulous field trip to Amish country. I have been to Amish country a hundred times but this was fabulously organized by a great friend Kathy Haggerty. This was the sunrise on the second morning we were there. My mom came up to go with us and we traveled in my fabulous 12 passenger van with 12 friends and family!! Camye being wrapped in a horse blanked by our great Amish friend Jonas.:) He was soooo entertaining, telling us about his and Edna’s RUMSPRINGA.

Camye, Ashlee and there new Amish friend.:)

The Old Order Amish offered to sing for us while we ate their fabulous, traditonal Amish meal…fried chicken, meatballs, salad, noodles, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, tapioca pudding and pies….

Camye and a great friend Hannah:)

Paul was most excited over the Amish dog…:)

Cant wait for next year…. we will have our new little Kenny will have to come with me!!

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