If You Give A Mouse A Cookie…

Today we start we start school, soccer, Kenny has outpatient surgery and the Frankferd co-op order comes in. So this is a very busy day. I would like add that Kenny was added as a deacon at our congregation yesterday morning. I am so proud of him!

Last week we went to this cute play, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie…at Little Lake Theatre. The kids have always loved this book.

These were the 2 stars. The kids loved it and after it they all felt like they met ‘movie stars’!!

Little Lake Theatre is a dinner theatre, although this play was only an hour so dinner was served. You can see my 4 kids at the first table but our group was about 25 and extended as far as you can see in the picture.:)

Stay tuned for the Pinkalicious Tea Party we are attending at Little Lake Theatre in October. The girls are ecstatic! Thanks to my great friend Tracy who does all the planning for our outings.

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