~Happy Birthday Sweet Mia Grace~

Today was a very special day. Mia Grace Heimee has turned 3 years old. My first thoughts this morning went to her birthmom who I know was thinking of her and wondering how she was doing. I only hope she goes in and checks her file and see how wonderful she is doing now in her forever family. Then my thought went to her foster mom, who gave her so much love in her first 31 months of life. It has made Mia the loving little girl she is today.

My mom came up for the occasion. Mia loves my mom. Mia’s favorite book is Pinkaliscious. She absolutley loves that book. Everytime we read that book to her she always says Mia’s Happy Day. So what does every little girl want….a Pinkaliscious birthday party!With Pink cupcakes…

Then onto the birthday party…:)

She waited until we sang the Happy Birthday song and she immediatly blew out her candles. She knew what she was doing. Then we all sang Happy Birthday in Korean, which just makes her eyes light right up when she hears Korean spoken.

Lesson learned…dont let your 3 year old princess open her high heels first! She then had to walk around the house for about 10 minutes showing off her fabulous heels. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

Mia is so funny…she opened up an outfit from my mom and dad and said, “Ohhhh…snuggly” and rubbed it up to her face.

She loved her little Asian doll. She is so snuggly with her baby dolls.

Butterfly wings!!! From Grandma and Grandpa!!

Kenny and I decided to get her some bilingual books and computer. She was so surprised to open up new Hangul books and Pororo books.

This is the computer we almost purchased in Korea for her but decided to wait. I ordered this and the books from http://www.littleseouls.com/. Very cute website!

Nice looking family.

Odd ..very odd.;)

3 thoughts on “~Happy Birthday Sweet Mia Grace~

  1. Pinkalicious is playing at Little Lake Theater in McMurray!!! I don't know if they still have tickets left, but you could call and find out. We saw it today…it was great!Your Mia is so sweet…and your other kids look just adorable with her! You guys rock!!

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