Happy Birthday Camye!!!!!

I know I know..I have blogged 4 times today!! I just have several things to get done and didnt want to be distracted later by wanting to blog!!
Its true..my baby girl has turned 9 years old!!! I just cant believe it. She is growing up so fast!!! We have decided to have family birthday parties this year. And she decided to make her own cake!! The only thing she asked for for her birthday was a green striped sweater!! And well Mommy went out in 8 inches of snow and 10 degree weather to our OUTSIDE outlet mall and found it!!!! I couldnt let her down!!!

She is such a joy to us!! Very sensitive and sweet!! She did recieve all sorts of things, ballerina jewerly box, panda necklace, webkinz, zum, Beads, Lettering book…

Chloe decided to surprise on Saturday morning by decorating the cake for me. Being the control freak I am…I did spaz slightly (inside of course) but was very grateful for her thoughtfulness and wanting to decorate her sisters cake.

Happy Birthday Camye!! We love you!!

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