And now my baby is 5!!!

And now my baby boy (cant read this yet- so I can still call him this on here!!!) turned 5 years old on May 26th!!!

He had a Burger King birthday party with several of his friends gathered around.

Below is a really gift box…yes that was a webkinz wrapped in an awesome pirate box!! Paul is crazy about Super Marios Yoshi…he wanted Yoshi everything for his birthday!! And Yoshis are hard to find.

However I did find the backpack, DS game organizer, DS case for his new DS and stuffed and plastic figure. He was thrilled.:)

One thought on “And now my baby is 5!!!

  1. Oh no, he got a DS for his birthday? That throws my whole "Paul doesn't have one either" argument out the window. LOL! Austin wants one so badly since both of his sisters have theirs but I just don't know…. Also, I orderd him a game for the Wii on amazon but I later realized it says it could take a month to ship. I'm not sure why.

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