~Fun Times~

10 days ago today we were blessed to become the parents to this beautiful little girl. Today was a great bonding day with Daddy! They played outside, watered the trees, played with the ‘Kimchee’, what she says when she wants her picture taken and rode bikes. Today was also Mia’s first day to attend church, she did so well. We didnt even have to go out to the nursery. But Mommy sitting in one place for over an hour is probably a dream come true for Mia.

Okay, I think we may have found Mia’s favortie food! She loves corn on the cob!! She devoured hers and then took the rest of her daddy’s!!! Some of you know that I have been concerned she hasnt been drinking alot, well last night she must have decided she was thirsty. She grabbed her daddy’s big cup and started gulping and hasnt stopped since!!!!

She is bonding really well with her oldest sister Chloe, who is very mothering and will make a fantastic mother someday! I Love to hear how many she wants and where she wants to adopt from!

It has been extremely HOT and HUMID here! That doesnt stop Paul from breaking out the fleece sleepers!! He loves his footed sleepers! I hope he always wants to wear them!!

Mia is definetly a part of the family! She fell and skinned her nose after being home 3 days, which as most of you know we are a house full of accidents!! It looked terrible for a few days but was completely healed for church today and our first post placement visit with the social worker, which went extremely well.

Overall, she has adjusted FANTASTICALLY with our family. I have been warned this may not last or this is our honeymoon stage. But I am willing to roll with it, she has been such a blessing and I have never thought God wanted me to something as much as I felt he wanted us to adopt Mia. He will not leave us now. If she decides in a month, she isnt Miss Personality and decides to be shy…that’s fine! How many 2 year olds do that? If sleeping habits get worse, we will make it. She already throws fits, like any other 2 year old. She already makes messes as any other 2 year old. She is a blessing…no matter what happens….as any child is.

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