A Paul Update…

I can not believe with all our injuries Paul has not gotten hurt, as rough and tumble of a kid as he is. But he is not….praise God. The only slight not so much of an injury..was in the midst of the ripped-open-knee/broken nose/missed Ladies retreat was his cap fell off of his tooth..so we did have an emergency run to the dentist….other than he is good. He just keeps saying. I cant believe I am not hurt..its my turn. I say NO IT’S NOT!!!

Anyway…Paul is in Kindergarten this year and thinks he already knows everything. And I will admit he knows alot of stuff. He enjoys showing off his Math skills….all his addition and subtraction. And counting to 100 over and over again…he is my genius kid!!

His first year at co-op is an adjustment..he prefers to lay on the floor and take a rest most times when I pass thru. Fortunalty or unforthantley….his teachers know Paul..and quickly correct him and he moves on. He seems to forget that he is in a classroom setting.

He is taking:
Phonics Fun

Paul is known for his wonderful sayings that I have no idea where they come from…here are a few…
1. He walks into the kitchen the other day while I was mopping the floor and says, “This isnt even our home.” I said, “What?”. He said, “This world …its not our own…we are just apassin by. Up there is our home.”

2. Mommy, apparently the reason I am so bad all the time is because YOU never tell me all the right stuff to do.

Yes he said apparently…he uses huge words all the time. What a smarty….

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