Thanksgiving Thursday

I am thankful for:
1. My kids- this has been an emotional week for me. But my kids are so wonderful.
2. My lovable, snuggable hubby.
3. that Friday is only a day away.
4. That Saturday has nothing…I mean nothing written on the calander. We rarely have days like that. My husband is thrilled. A couple things have come up but I have said no to them because Soccer starts next week and that means every Saturday will taken with Blakes soccer games, which we love.
5. For 4H- today is our “Heart and Home” 4H Club meeting. We do have the most awesomist club. My older three kids are taking candy making. Their teacher is great.
6. My new purse- I just got my first Vera Bradley purse and I love it.
7.  Jon and Kate Plus 8 and 18 Kids and Counting—-because they actually give us a G Rated television show that we can all watch together in the evenings. I am not sure there is another show on in the evenings that my kids can watch.
8. Chloe’s speech- she gave her Lads to Leaders Speech last night to our Ladies class at church. She was nervous but did great. In PA to get a accredited high school diploma, she must give a speech every year. There are other places that our homeschoolers give speeches. But Lads to Leaders at our church has the most awesome teachers!!!! So I dont have to teach her…I love it when thinks count double.
9. Rain- we needed rain so bad. The ground was cracking. Of course now it will probably rain every other day till June..but I will take it:):)
10. DVR- it is really nice to be able tape good wholesome shows:):)

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