Crafty Fun at Homeschool 4H

Today was finally a day out…everything has been cancelled all month!! But 4h was a go today! Blake is taking a Herpetology class…which I did not know what that even meant but it is the study of Reptiles. As much as I dont like reptiles, his class is awesome and has great field trips in the future. The class is also making a lapbook (great for the portfolio). Camye started Jewerly making class today!! And it was awesome!!
Above is Camye and her friend Ashlee, waiting for it to begin.

Camye made a beautiful keychain where we learned all sorts of different techniques. Yes her lips are chapped and she wont quit licking them!!

Cute as a button!!!Notice her cute ring ..Ashlee made her an adorable rosering made out of pipe cleaners!!!

Chloe our Heart and Home 4h President, she did an excellent job today! She is finishing a course in Rocketry. It was a 2 semester class.
A great day to be OUT of the house!! Now hoping and praying co-op wont be cancelled in the morning…doesnt looking promising..4-6 inches tonight!!! and more in the morning!!

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