Our First Family Camping Trip

On the fourth of July, we went on our first ever camping trip!!! I was a little skeptical. I dont really camp. I dont hike, swim in lakes or ride bikes. What would we do??? Well we had a blast and we all hiked, swam in the lake and rode bikes. It was soo relaxing to just sit and visit and relax by the campfire. Camye, hot and sweaty playing on the jungle gym right beside where we had our tent was set up.

Paul running to attack friends with water guns!!

Chloe hanging around Miss Lori while she was cooking.. On there way to Salt Fork….the lake was alot of fun!!! We swam later but no pics to prove..we all got in!!

Paul was so exhausted he fell sleep right in front of our tent….isnt he adorable??

Great friends enjoying the relaxing outdoors.:)

Kenny and Duke building a fire. We had great food breakfast was sausage, blueberry pancakes, bacon, eggs, toast, french toast…..Lunch was a quick bite of a sandwhich or hotdog….Supper was hamburgers, grilled chicken, corn on the cob, baked potatoes (we just threw in the fire to cook) Awesome time!! With Awesome food!!

We enjoyed camping so much. We are planning many more camping trips with friends and without. We are even thinking of camping at Disney next year, because we may be purchasing a camper!!!

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