Soccer "End of the Season" Picnic

It has been a few days since our “End of the Year” soccer picnic. But I forgot blog it!!! I thought these cakes were beautiful. My friend Gayle made these.:) Blake and his coach!!!

Chloe and her coach!!

This was such an awesome season for the kids. It wasn’t because we started winning for the first time in 3 years(although that certainly helped), but because their new coach was wonderful. In fact, he made it into Chloe and Blake’s L2L speeches. He was such a great christian example to the kids. The Homeschool Hornets were 8-2 this year!! YAY!!!

What’s going on???

This is probably going to be the most boring blog yet…no pictures…!!

I thought I would post what has been going on in the Rogers Household. SOCCER!! I feel we have been eating, breatheing and living soccer!!! We have a new coach this year!!! And to quote Chloe, ” He is awesome.” Last year we won the first game in 3 years….this year The Homeschool Hornets are 3-1-1!!! I am so excited for the kids!!!

Also we have started Lads to Leaders, it seems the kids are doing all of the activities!! Recenetly, the kids have done Know the Books, Good Samaritan, Bible Bowl, Scrapbooking, Mass Media (editorials), Speech, Pearls…I will post another blog just on L2L activites.

And….my mom and I went to Amish Country last weekend, just her and I. We stayed the night and shopped all the next day!! It was soooo much fun. My moms first trip there!! She deserved it! She does so much for everyone else.!!

First Game of the Season….:)

This is my favorite season ..Fall..Autumn. Whatever you choose to call it….it just so happens to coincide with my favorite sport to watch, my kids Soccer games!!! I am in my element as a soccer mom on the sidelines!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!

This is our second year of playing on the Homeschool Hornets, but the kids love it!! Chloe and Blake play on the middle school team 6th-8th graders, they have allowed Blake to play this year with the understanding he may not get as much playing team as the 8th graders. Well, he played almost the whole game last week!!!

And we won!!!!! 6-2….!!!!!YAY HORNETS!!!

Sport’s Camp

Well i havent been blogging for a few weeks, we have just been really REALLY busy. We have a few days of calmness until the kids camps start. I am going to play a little catch up the next few days, so here goes.

Blake and Camye went a sports daycamp here in Washington a few weeks ago. They had lots of fun!!!

Camye and her counsler for the week!! She was a very nice and sweet girl that Camye was obviously crazy about.

Blake and his friend Anthony, Blake had such a fun time..he is very competitive and enjoyed the competition all week.

Paul and his buddies playing around on the last day while we watched the kids play their last games.:) He enjoyed looking for roley poleys in the astro grass..LOL!!!

Blake didnt really want to be distracted by the camera during his serious soccer games!!

Blake’s Last Soccer Game

Today was Blakes last Soccer game for his Spring Skills Program!!! He loves to play and is on 2 teams right now. 

And if I have to be truthful..he is really really good!! Two of his best friends Anthony and Caleb are on his team and they really play well together. They also plan a lot of sneak attacks. 
Great job Blake!:)