What a great week at camp!!:):)

This was my 12th year at Camp Appalachia. I would say that I had a complete blast if I wouldnt have came home with the stomach flu. It was terrible. I came home Wednesday night and my friends came and got me at 6am Friday morning. Thanks Tina and Jen!! I truelly can say that I spent the entire week (other tha when I was sick, sleeping or eating) I spent it sewing! I dont even have very many pictures to share because I was so busy sewing sewing sewing.

Camye and Blake were the only two kids to go with me this year at Camp. Paul is not old enough and went Camp Granny and Chloe went to Camp Concern. Camye and Blake go to Camp Concern for junior week on Sunday. Camye took Clay, Sewing and Cake Decorating. Blake took Rifelry, Archery and Leather Making.

Our sewing class sewed sock monkeys and bible covers. Which I am ashamed to admit I dont even have pictures of them YET!! But since my sweet Camye took the class I can snap pictures of hers. Camye during the shaving creme fight!!

Camye and Bailey (her camp BFF) after the shaving creme was hosed off!!

Me and My great and wonderful and talented friend Tina.

Blake and his Camp BFF..Jason.

I love my camera!!!
I will post pics later of our sewing projects. And I almost !! almost got to start my wool kits I purchased last November! Someday soon…

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