Camp~we are officially done for the summer!!

We are officially done with camps this year. I am so relieved. Chloe left on July 12th for Secondary week, she returned on July 18th. Chloe, Blake, Camye and I left on July 19th for another week of camp and returned home on July 25th (our anniversary ❤ !!!) ….then the next day Camye and Blake left for Junior week and just returned on August 1st!!! I am so glad they are home! I was a little worried since we had been at another camp the week before and thought they might be too tired.

Camye had a great time at camp and we were both very glad she had a friend from church going with her. Her and Heather got along great and made some great camp memories!! Camye won 3 ribbons but lost them and was just devastated….the whole sobbing …because we couldnt find them and she didnt know what she won them for. I am calling around today to at least find out what she won. Blake did great !!! When I went to take more clothes to him on Wednesday (couldnt get caught up from the week at camp before)…he played Mr. Cool guy..and greeted me cooley…Camye on the other hand had both arms around my neck and both legs around my waist!! It is such a nice feeling to be missed.
Blake had all his awards and his trophy when I arrived and was beaming!! Blake won 1st place Checkers (highly sought after)(big trophy), 1st place-Frisbee Throw, Soccer and Long Jump 2nd place- Cleanest Cabin and 3rd place-kickball and 100 meters. He also recieved a Camp Concern Athelete 2009. We are very proud of him!!
These pics are of the cabins they stayed in all week, Chloe too. Although her pic is on her camera right now, 4 campers stay in the cabin.

I am very glad that Blake had a great friend Nathan to go with him. They had a great week!!

4 thoughts on “Camp~we are officially done for the summer!!

  1. I had to laugh at Blake playing it 'cool'. When the kids started school last week, I walked Hannah to her classroom (she has NO trouble with me showing her affection in front of her whole class) and asked Benjamin if he wanted to go on down to his to which he said, "Oh, no, mom… I want you to come with me." I got Hannah settled and walked him down. As soon as my big toe made it thru the door, he was DONE with me! I helped him get settled… the whole time he is looking everywhere but at me… I just know he was bracing himself to be embarrassed by his mother! I told him bye and he mumbled something and didn't even glance my way. Oh, and there have been times that we'll be walking to something and he'll say, "Mom, please don't embarrass me." Moi?? Now Hannah will kiss me full on the mouth in front of the whole school if given the opportunity!

  2. Yeah, they are on the year-round schedule. Started on July 22. But, we get 2 weeks off for fall break, 2 weeks for spring break, and almost a month for Christmas break. They have to come to work with me, though, on part of their breaks because MY schedule is on the regular school schedule, not the year-round. They love to come with me, though, so it all works out.

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