What’s going on???

This is probably going to be the most boring blog yet…no pictures…!!

I thought I would post what has been going on in the Rogers Household. SOCCER!! I feel we have been eating, breatheing and living soccer!!! We have a new coach this year!!! And to quote Chloe, ” He is awesome.” Last year we won the first game in 3 years….this year The Homeschool Hornets are 3-1-1!!! I am so excited for the kids!!!

Also we have started Lads to Leaders, it seems the kids are doing all of the activities!! Recenetly, the kids have done Know the Books, Good Samaritan, Bible Bowl, Scrapbooking, Mass Media (editorials), Speech, Pearls…I will post another blog just on L2L activites.

And….my mom and I went to Amish Country last weekend, just her and I. We stayed the night and shopped all the next day!! It was soooo much fun. My moms first trip there!! She deserved it! She does so much for everyone else.!!

4 thoughts on “What’s going on???

  1. I do love Amish country!!! I wish I could go more often! Life is just busy busy!!I do love soccer!!! I am a true soccer mom!!! …a little bit of a loud soccer mom!!LOL!!

  2. Hey Wendi…thanks for reading my blog!!You have a beautiful family!! I did soccer many years ago with my kids too…was fun!My daughter has 6 sweeties(13-2)all boys but 1 lil gal and home schools as well.You gals are awesome Moms!!!Hugs,Lola

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