Tired of seeing my snow pictures…

Believe it or not I am not tired of seeing the snow…tired of everything being slick and being cancelled. We havent had co-op in 2 weeks. Family Game Night at our church was cancelled tonight…but friends called to invite us over and we are headed over there.

We do still have about 20 inches on the ground. We did have freezing rain the other night and that melted the snow down a little bit. I just hope it melts slowly so we dont flood everyone down south of us (where my family lives).

When this snow storm hit..we didnt even have a snow shovel..because who needs a shovel for 6-8 inches at a time..which is all we have had at once since we moved here!!! My mom did get the kids snow shovels. Thank good ness!! THey have helped.

But my hubby thought we needed more than a snow shovel and he got a Polaris 6×6!! Very awesome!! He is a plowing maniac!! Thought this photo was beautiful!!! Love my house!!

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