Natural Lifestyle…whats next?

As most of you know, we live a fairly natural lifestyle. We do eat natural food. We homeschool our wonderful kiddos.We have a huge organic garden every year.

  To name a few…

But my hubby has been enjoying our 12 acres and getting into the country living. He started with bees..yes Honey Bees. We have enjoyed a little honey from that.

Then we ordered hens..yes they were delivered in a chics. We did hatch 12 of them with our 4H group. We will do that again this year. As cute as can be. We now get about 40 eggs per day. And we sell ALOT of eggs…
But now onto our next endeavour ….Maple Sugaring. Last night after church someone loaned Kenny 6 Maple Taps….so at 10 pm last night..guess what Kenny was doing!!! Tapping a few maple trees and sure enough by today we had the maple syrupy water in our jugs. It takes 40 gallons to make 1 gallon of syrup. I think this will be alot of fun!!

Looking very cute by his maple syrup tap…anyway thought you might enjoy seeing what he was up to now. Hmm…wonder what it will be next? I have an idea…stay tuned.