Blake’s Last Soccer Game

Today was Blakes last Soccer game for his Spring Skills Program!!! He loves to play and is on 2 teams right now. 

And if I have to be truthful..he is really really good!! Two of his best friends Anthony and Caleb are on his team and they really play well together. They also plan a lot of sneak attacks. 
Great job Blake!:)

2 thoughts on “Blake’s Last Soccer Game

  1. We love soccer here, too. I didn’t know he was on 2 teams. That makes me tired to think about. We do good to keep up with one for him and one for Kinlee!! Do the girls play, too?

  2. Blake is only on 2 teams because of Chloe being on the Homeschool team. They let him move because he will be old enough next year. Camye doesnt play soccer…she is more of the type to cheer on the sidelines with Mom.:)

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