Lads to Leaders Nashville Convention 2011

This our group that went. We grow a little every year!:)
Chloe waiting for awards…:)

Paul recieving his first ever award! He worked toward and recieved a Bronze in Good Samaritan.

Paul and his best buddy Levi! Both Bronze winners!

Cydnie, Chloe and Adam waiting for the action to begin!:)

Little Camye waiting patiently after Songs of Praise..even if she didnt place she did a fantastic job leading her song.:)

Chloe, Camye and myself waiting….the judges were deliberating!

Chloe overly excited for Saturday night award ceremony.:)

Blake recieving 2nd place scrapbooking!!!

Chloe recieving 1st place Scrapbooking. She will now be in Winners Circle Scrapbook until she graduates high school, which is only 3 years away…can I say *tear*?

Camye was already in the scrapbooking winners circle this year. She recieved 3rd place Winners circle which was against 4th-6th graders. She is only 4th grade.

Paul onstage and loving it!!

We had a great year! We had 2 puppet team this year and didnt win. I am in charge and feel we should have since our script rocked. This is my blog and I will say what I want. But I feel like their are ‘puppet politics’ going on in Nashville!! Maybe next year…>!!!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Lads to Leaders Nashville Convention 2011

  1. One of my mom's cousins took his wife and kids there this year. I think they go every year. They're older, but their son might be around one of your kids' ages.

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