L2L Update 2010

Okay here is my little update.
Scrapbooks- Did I say last time they were almost done? Well now they are really almost done.LOL!!
Puppets- WoW!! I am so impressed with m y 8th grade team!! They are doing awesome! We are having a little puppet boot camp for the 3rd graders on Saturday afternoon, since thanks to my cousin Stephanie I realized the puppet stage is 12 inches shorter than the regular stage. That will help them tremondously. This is our first year doing puppets..give me a break.
Bible Bowl- The written test is Saturday night..we have been cramming
Bible Bowl team- Chloe, Blake, Caleb A and Abbie
Pearls- Test on Sunday
Speech- Camye is finally reading her in less than 5 minutes!! I had to cut more out. Blake is doing awesome and showing lots of personality. Chloe has decided to redo hers!!!AWWHHH!!! 13 years old is soooo hard!!!
Songs of Praise and Song leading are coming along.
Banner is Sunday night.

Thats it!!! We are having a good time!:):)

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