Thanksgiving Thursday

Well I havent posted in awhile so I thought I would do a Thanksgiving Thursday blog. We have been super busy since school starting, but as of right now we are done in April if we keep up this pace. I am very thankful for this time in my life, I am doing exactly what I have been wanting to do since I was a little girl.
Here is a top ten:

I am thankful for: (in no particular order)
1. My husband…especially this evening!! He is helping create an AWESOME powerpoint presentation for my Medieval Times co-op class.
2. Co-op…it starts in the morning. I am teaching 6th-8th and 4th-5th grades Medieval Times. I am very nervous but I am feeling confident.
3. Kids…they are just the best!!! They give me so much joy!!
4. For my mom who came up to help me…with co-op preps, Blakes birthday party tomorrow, kids first soccer game of the season and helping get my house cleaned for all my company!!!
5. Soccer- I am just ecstatic for Chloe and Blake’s 1st soccer game tomorrow !!!! Yes on his birthday!!!
6. God- because he is such an AWESOME God
7. G-2 Pilot Pens in every color….that my hubby got for me.
8. My nails..because they are really long right now!!!! I dont know why…but they decided to grow for me!!
9. Starbucks…have I mentioned how much I love Mocha Frappuchino Lite’s
10. Homeschooling…LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!

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