Ocean City, Maryland!!! Awesome time!!

Kenny and I have been thinking all summer we needed to take a REAL family vacation!! We usually just spend our off time visiting family. And they dont live in vacation spots!!!LOL!! But if my sister in law would EVER move to back to the states….she will live in a vacation spot!!! No pressure..I just know her well.:)

Anyway so we polled all our family and friends and went with the majority vote of Ocean City, Maryland!!! It was alot of fun. Although the rip tides were very strong from Hurricane Danny but for my wild kids that just made the beach more fun!!

Although they did close the beach on Saturday night…

Our underwater camera is the best!!

Chloe standing onherhead!!

Blake showing me some Karate moves…

Playing on thebeach!!




Just the 6 of us!:)

Chloe!! I think she looks so much older here!!!

6 thoughts on “Ocean City, Maryland!!! Awesome time!!

  1. No, Alabama. Although the last time we went (2 years ago) we went into Florida to the Air Force Museum.Have fun at Disney… I have NO desire to do Disney. My kids don't even know most Disney characters, and I plan to keep it that way! HA!

  2. I only get to live in vacation spots becasue the Marine Corps pays us to! As much as I wish I could, I doubt we'll be able to live in a "vacation spot" once we retire. Of course anywhere with my crew is a vacation! LOL!

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