~Trip Around the World~

Here is a quilt I just finished today, it is called “Trip Around the World”. I used the Eleanor Burns Quilt in a day pattern for it. Of course, my quilt was not finished in a day…more like 2 weeks. I have made a Trip Around the World baby quilt in a day but this is a full size quilt for my guest room/sewing room/computer room. I wanted something bright and bold. I do feel slightly selfish making something for me with holidays quickly approaching, but I couldnt wait!!

Now the hard part..borders. I hadnt really even given it a second thought when I started because I knew what I wanted the bold colors to be.

I am going to the Amish Quilt Shop Hop in Holmes County on Thursday…hopefully I will get some little Amish lady to point the perfect fabrics for my borders.

5 thoughts on “~Trip Around the World~

  1. Hey Wendi! That is an awesome quilt!! Yes you NEED to have this in your sewing area…we need to stay inspired to do that sewing for others…;-)I would consider a black border.Thanks so much for visiting my blog!!I replied to you here as you are set up to no reply…;-)I am following you too!!Hugs,Lola

  2. Thank you!! I was thinking black border as well!! I actually didnt know that I could set my replies up for a reply or not.:) Thanks for the heads up and for watching my blog as well!!:)Wendi

  3. Great quilt! I am chiming in with Lola, as I tried to reply to the comment you made on my blog, but you are set up as no-reply. If you go to I Have a Notion blog, she has directions on how to fix the no-reply. Oh and btw, maybe I will see you at the Amish Shop Hop 🙂

  4. Thanks ladies! I believe I have corrected the problem. And Maybe I will see you at the Amish Quilt Shop Hop…hint..we are sticking to the 5 closes to Berlin.:)

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