Homeschool Co-op Classes 2010-2011

We had our planning meeting last night!! First I want to say how blessed to be able to belong to a group that gets along soooo well. I appreciate that sooo much!!!

Here goes:

k-1st grade– Paul will be a Kindergartner!!

Story time J.Drilak Five Senses H. Hamilton
Gym—–Full year —–P. Costello
Phonics Fun S Barkey Nursery Rhymes Literature Pockets ME!!!
Art P Costello Science: Flora And ?? M Ruffing

2nd-3rd grades

I actually do not have a child in this group!!! Only one though!!

4th and 5th grades– Camye

Literature- Full year- G. Stahlman
Geology- K.Cornelius Pioneer Days- S. Barkey
Gym——–Full year
Natural Disasters- T. Bairen Intro to Speech R.McClowsky

6th-8th grades -Blake

Revolutionary War/What is America- Me, S Barkey and H Hamilton/ Recent Hist. K Ford
Literature——Full year—-G. Stahlman
Natural Disasters- T. Bairen Health/Cooking- T. Bairen
Gym Chemistry- A. Page

High School- CHLOE!!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe it? This co-op is designed for homeschoolers and makes it so easy to homeschool in high school.

Debate A. Hillberry/ Economics L. Bodine Ethics- J. Dullis
English- Full Year—R. McClowsky
Biology Lab- Full Year–K. Ford or Life Skills- Full year D. Shrump
Yearbook-Full Year- D.Shrump or Young Men After God’s Own Heart or Young Women after God’s Own Heart-ME!!!!

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated on teaching Young Women After God’s Own Heart?? PLease..I beg you.

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