Mia is feeling better!!!:):):)

Mia has a had a cold since Thanksgiving. The last week it slowly had gotten worse at night with wheezing and coughing and spitting. I decided last night when I heard a wheeze at 6:30, we were going to the doctor. She had an X-ray and was confirmed to have pneumonia. Okay I have never really even had a sick kid…I have been so blessed. The word pneumonia scares me especially when she barely tipped the scale at 24 pounds with Nike shoes, sock, pull up,velour outfit and large hair bow. We can’t afford to get sick…really sick.

So this morning, I called my fabulous IAP who loves my hormonal psycho adoption mom behavior..well that’s what I tell myself anyway. She said come in after Mia had an odd night of leg pain???

So we did and it was decided she needed a breathing treatment…all Mia could say was like Ryan. She helped her friend at the ER get his treatment.

At first she was tired, didn’t feel good, crying, fussing….

Mommy felt so bad…

But we still posed for a photo or two…to show daddy.

But then it was done and she sat up and the world seemed a whole lot better…

And we loved life again…

And we loved making silly faces and noises ….

And then laugh hysterically….

And shake our hands at our stinky brother, Paul.

And then it was even funnier…..

I will have two of what she had!!!!!!!!!

Yay Mia is feeling much better!!! Praise God!!!

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