~Home 6 Months~

Wow!! Yesterday marks 6 months since Gotcha Day with Mia Grace. And what a difference 6 months can make!!

I can’t even believe how much she has changed. We received a scared, insecure, shy and frightened little girl. Today we have a confident, outgoing, very secure and well adjusted little girl.

She has been through a lot since coming home. Lots of doctor appointments..ophthalmologists, dental, medial, genetics. She has had extensive dental surgery.

Sleeping arrangements have improved…most of you know she slept with her foster parents. I really believe she possibly slept on top of her foster mother.;) when she came home she slept on my chest…arms clamped around my neck..and only in a room without anyone else in it. We moved to the guest room then. We are now in our room with Daddy..she falls asleep in her bed…still holding my hand…but in her bed. Sometimes she still wakes up and climbs in bed with me and Daddy but it really has helped her and daddy bond.

She has grown an inch and a half taller.

She hasn’t gained any weight yet.

She wears an 18 or 24 months.

She loves her siblings.

She is potty trained.

She can talk like no other 3 year old I know. Her English is phenomenal. She has been speaking in full sentences for several months. She knows her ABC’s. She can count to 13.

She still speaks some Korean. She counts in Korean. Still says thank you in Korean. Oh and when she gets mad we have no idea what she is saying in Korean, I choose to leave that way.:)

She loves to color and she colors in the lines.

She does NOT like TV…. At all.

She loves to be rocked.

She misses her Omma and Appa something terrible.

Her favorite book is Pinkaliscious.

She tells me every day that is a princess.

She loves her friends, my friends, her grandparents, her sisters, her daddy, her brothers, the preacher, her friends parents, Mia is a people person!!!!

She asks to watch Korea on our laptop…which is a video of her sister, Avah and Avah’s friend Coralie who live in an orphanage in Korea. Guess whose picture will be shown soon after Christmas. That’s right our little Avah!

And guess what else…we finalize in 2011!!! December 21,2011… Praise the Lord for a 2011 court date!!!!

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