It’s a yes!!!!

KOREA said YES!!!!!!!!!! We are adopting another little girl. They want us to proceed slowly to make sure Mia is adjusted well before bringing home our next little one.

We won’t have our Homestudy to Korea until January. So I can’t post pictures until then, possibly my famous eyes picture.

Bottom line…she is coming home!!!! It could be as early as March or it could be September!!!!:):):)

After receiving THE phone call yesterday, I feel so foolish. I have such little faith! Why is that? I look around and see my incredible and abundant blessings. I doubt every time…. How can I doubt a God so sovereign I will never comprehend.

I try so hard to have faith even like a small mustard seed…but I think someone chewed up my seed and spit it out…that’s how I feel my faith is.

BUT LET ME SHOUT IT!!!!!! GOD IS SO BIG!!!!! He is still working on me!!!!! And shaking his head at his daughter… Saying, ” When is she going to get this.”

Pictures to come. Here are some small details.

She will be 4 years old on 12/26.

She has wavy hair like Mia.

She has a sparkle in her eye!!!

And I love her already!!!!!!

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7 thoughts on “It’s a yes!!!!

  1. Just wanted to say congratulations! I believe I have seen this sweet little agency on a certain agencies photo listing and she is PRECIOUS! So excited for your family. I am already anxious to bring another sweetie home from Korea and we haven't even been matched with #1 yet! LOL

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