Princess Mia

Princess….there is a word! Mia is an absolute princess.
She prefers a tutu over pants. She prefers glitter and lights on her shoes. She wants bows in her hair and the bigger and bright the bow the better!!!
The other day she wanted another bath….already had had two…She says…”I princess. I bath. I tutu. NOW.”…..after she said please and without a tutu…she did get another bath.
Her 3rd birthday is coming up next month. She is so excited. She keeps saying… Happy Day! Happy Day! Mia Three!!! I am getting her lots of bilingual books, toys and videos…hoping to increase her Korean before she starts Korean school!! Little nervous about that. She still sings along with her Korean CD’s. Hoping that helps. She also still loves to watch Pororo….when she holds still long enough.

Yes I am princess and I can wear 2 different shoes if I want!!! 🙂

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