~Mia’s First Trip to West Virginia~

Today, we took a quick trip down to West Virginia for Mia to meet my parents, brothers, 2 grandmothers and grandfather. It was a very quick trip!! We were wanting to keep Mia’s world small for awhile, but with her doing so well we felt we could squeeze it in. Mia loves to run and play outside. She even went to the creek and came back after sitting in the muddy water!! Paul being as cute as ever!!

Mia went a little crazy with my camera and took about a thousand pictures..I like this one of my mom and Camye. My mom is simply crazy about Mia and even had was able to hold Mia for a few moments. Of course, I didnt have my camera handy for that moment!

My mamaw will not like this picture being on here, but she LOVED Mia. She couldnt get over how pretty and smart she is!! Mia even kissed her goodbye!!

My two babies, looking at a book together..they are so sweet.

Mia was a little shy at first, but brightened right up with all her attention! My dad thought she was so pretty and smart. Uncle Wes was real nervous to meet Mia. Uncle Rob even closed his store for an hour to come and meet her. And of course, Papaw Buck thought she was sooo adorable!!! He loves his great-grand daughters!!

Miss Personality!!

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