Gifts and Purchases…

The foster mother is soooo wonderful! We are so thankful for all that she has done and we are so sorry this is breaking her heart. She has been so kind to us. She gave us Mia’s first Hanbok. It is simply breathtakingly beautiful! This picture doesnt do these albums justice!! There are also 2 albums with over 400 pictures and videos on them.

Some of Mia’s favorite toys…she went ahead and sent these with us the other day because she has so much to give Mia. Her favorite music Cd’s, I was so excited to get. She sings, dances and plays instruments all the time!

Things we have purchased…a new bigger Hanbok, a gorgeous Korean tea set to pass down someday to Mia (its in the box, wrapped tightly). I didnt want to risk unpacking and then packing again, chopsticks, Name Chops, English/Korean books and CD’s…..oh and the socks are fabulous here!!!!
We thought all the Pororo items deserved their own picture!! This is her favorite and we were hoping it would give her some comfort of things she loved back home.

DVD’s and books…oh and the Jade and Amythest jewerly here is beautiful!!! It is mined south of Seoul. We were able to purchase two very inexpensive necklaces.

4 thoughts on “Gifts and Purchases…

  1. Thanks guys!!!!! She is still asleep now!! Praise GOd!! I am going to blog one last time before we leave…just depends on how our little Seoul Sister is this morning!!We leave in 7 hours!!

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