We traveled about 30 hours to get home. Mia did great! She slept all the way from Korea to San Francisco and slept some from San Fran to Pittsburgh. She loved running around the airport!!! So we let her burn some of that typical 2 year old energy off. I love all the playgrounds at the airports. This was one that was in Seoul, she loves playing with other kids.

I wasnt sure she would know how to play with other kids or all these balls. She jumped right in!!!

We were nervous with her and the stairs because all of her updates said she couldnt go up or down steps. She flies up and down steps.

She loves to have her hair brushed and fixed. She just sits there and lets you do it! Her hair reminds me of Chloe’s , the front half is curly and the back is straighter, so I am a pro at it.:)

The kids were waiting for her to come home!! They were so excited!! We didnt get home until 3am and we didnt get to bed until 5am.

She just loved them!!!:)

She is doing absolutley wonderful. We learn so much about her every day. Like she loves oragami, she sings the ABC song, she loves to sing EIEIO and she is incredibly smart!!! She is tinier than I could have ever imagined. She wore a 12 month bottoms yesterday with a 18 month shirt. Today she has on a 12-18month and the bottoms are a little loose. We love her so much already!!!

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