Thanksgiving Thursday!!

Thankfulness….Oh wow.!! I am so blessed!!
I am so thankful for all the new little things I have learned of our new little girl!!

~Her newly cut bangs.
~Her pig tails that touch her shoulders.
~Her new name that we arent announcing just yet. We finally decided.
~Her teeny tininess!!
~All 7 new pictures.
~Her absolute cuteness.

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Thursday!!

  1. Hi Wendi, we are also adopting a little girl from Korea! I am SO excited for your family! We hope she will be home in April so we will miss our on Lads to Leaders Convention this year 😦 We always went to Nashville, but it has gotten so big I think our congregation now attends Dallas convention – but I am on a mission to find other Korean kids who are members of the Lord's church for my daughter to meet one day! I have already found a little boy in Kentucky for her to marry! haha!! Can you say how old your little one is? Can't wait to see pics!!

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